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Johan Stiernspetz is a brilliant graphic designer and a pleasure to work with. He is listening, adopting, open mined and excellent and experienced graphic designer. Working with Johan you will have addend value to your graphic design, branding, or commercial or non-commercial art.

— RICHARD VON ESSEN, Independent strategic branding advisor & Member of the Board at SoftRobot, Sweden

Johan (Jozzi) is a remarkable human being. Meet him. Work with him. You’ll find out. Few are fully present. Few give their totality. Jozzi is 100%, a whole human being, very gifted, and always a good friend.

— SIMON RANGER, founder of Seagreens, England http://www.seaweedhealthfoundation.org.uk/Contact-Us

Working with Johan is a delight. He is an aesthetic mastermind who will address your project with professionalism, care and real craftsmanship. His knowledge and visual capabilities are an asset for any organization. Besides being an amazing designer, art director, he excels in taking on new challenges and roles, adding his great great sense of humor, grace and style in any creative team.

— FLORENCE MONTMARE, Photographer, Artist & Director at Studio of Florence Montmare LLC, New York https://www.florencemontmare.com

I’ve known John since the fall of 1982. To be honest: if you want to find a better person than Johan “Jozzi” Stiernspetz, trust me, you will have to dig both wide and deep. His versatility makes him a fantastic Graphic Designer and his skills in Interactive Design are impressive. After almost 30 years in the media industry, business, I still don’t know anyone with such impressive skills within the fields of Interactive Design, Graphic Design and Art Direction as Johan. This is also the reason why I personally recruited him to the imprint of Publicera Publishing Group Ltd – Stiernspetz & Arninge Publishing House – , a Swedish book publisher specializing in high end photo books. Johan is today the company’s Head of Design and as you probably understand – that is not a coincidence. I recommend Johan from the bottom of my heart.

— PEPPE ARNINGE, founder, CEO and photojournalist at Stiernspetz & Arninge, Sweden http://www.stiernspetzarninge.com