The prices you will find in the shop in the drop-down menu alongside the photograph.


All handling of the orders and the payment will be processed in the Shop by Klarna® in a secure environment.

If I regret the buy?

It is okay to cancel as long as the order is not printed. It usually takes 2-3 days after placing the order until the actual print is done. After that, the photo is produced, checked, signed and sent. Therefore you must be sure and have checked every aspect of your order before proceeding with it.


We send Fine Art around the world, usually with well-known carriers and their partners. The shipping fee is embedded in the price of the prints. 

Reclamations and returns

Sometimes there are accidents during the delivery process. Packages can be opened for inspection in the customs when delivery travels the globe.

We will accept returns if the Fine Art print is damaged in the delivery process. Please send a picture along with some words about what has happened to fineart@stiernspetzdesign.se. If the criteria for a return is met, we will provide a return process best suited for you and replace the damaged print without cost.

Collection of information

We have to know certain things to ship your order:

  • Your name and delivery address
  • Klarna Checkout® handles the payment process. Klarna Checkout® works for merchants selling in Sweden, Finland, Norway, Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Denmark and United Kingdom and United States.
  • Protection of the site from hacking and fraud
  • Service of your order in contacting you by email or phone

Your data is stored for 24 months at the most to handle reclamation or damage issues. If you remain inactive and not issued any new order or contacted support, your records are deleted.

Klarna Checkout® handle their data independently. Contact them directly if any questions arise.

Security of e-trade

We do not sell any of your information to a 3rd party. WooCommerce® and Klarna® have their own policies; please contact them directly if any questions.

Any questions regarding this can be sent to security@stiernspetzdesign.se or by snail mail to:

Johan Stiernspetz Design, Security, Riddaregatan 10D, 903 36 Umeå, Sweden.

This dokument was updated 2021.05.25