Fine Art Shop

Please note! This site / Fine Art Shop is under development right now. No purchases can be done until further notice! Everything is not in place.

This is my vault.
I created an online gallery/Fine Art shop to expose my pictures to a broader audience than the pockets for the negatives and drawers. I have “no big name” in the business, no big shows done in the past, no big clients. Not known in the art world. In the eye of the Internet, I am nobody in the sea of everybody.
That’s why you haven’t seen me before. I’ve been around since 1980 as a designer, but you know… the world is a big place.
So many skilled craftsmen are shouting out here on the net. I am not.
Just sneaking in from the sidewalk.
Right now, it is a website in the developing process, so bear with me. Come back from time to time and check what is happening.

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