Close to the water

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In the moist and warm summer evening, the old AGA lighthouse on the western tip of the small island of Ådkobb in Sankt Anna Archipelago is waiting for work during the night, guarding the waterway. Toward the west and the sunset, the clouds are the remains of disappearing August thunderstorms over the inland of Östergötland in Sweden.
Lighthouses like this are rare today due to the expensive service needed in the summer each year. The gas supply had to be changed to new gas cylinders, as well as checking the the the Dalén burner giving the light its blinking character. You can see the larger Fresnel lens in the photograph, with the smaller sun valve on top to the right. The valve turned the light on in the evening and off when the sun came up.
Today many AGA lighthouses instead are equipped with LED lights, driven by batteries that are charged by solar cells.

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Technical facts: The picture was taken on infrared bl&w neg film around 1980. A black filter was used in front of the lens, only letting through the infrared wavelengths. In nature, chlorophyll reflects this light to protect the plant from heat, making leaves and grass white in the photographs. In the sky, only dust and moisture reflects the light, making clear skies appear dark.

Kodak bl&w Infrared High-Speed Film 2484 (now discontinued) with a Kodak Wratten black filter nr. 87. The film hand developed by the photographer. Negative scanned in 2020, adjusted, balanced, and retouched from scratches and dust in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop, preparing it for Giclée prints.

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Close to the water

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