Mostly it has been creations of graphic profiles for companies and enterprises. Some illustrations. Some of the work as photography for Fine Art.
Since 2008 I am involved with and working for Stiernspetz & Arninge Publishing House which is an imprint of Publicera Publishing Group.
I do their book design.

I am not a fancy multimedia studio. I do graphic design and let others do animation and 3D, as this is disciplines of its own and requires specialised knowledge and software tools.
I concentrate on print. That I know.
And how to create logotypes with implementations that last for a long time. That I know.
And create book design. That work results in printed books, but I also help to convert the books for electronic media for mobiles and tablets.
That I also know.
And I use the whole batch of Adobes graphics software to get the job done. I have used them since Macintosh was invented. Yes, I already was a graphic designer back then.
Since my place is 500 kilometres south of the polar circle in a town called Umeå in northern Sweden, it can be hard to meet with me.
I use Basecamp® as my virtual office. My work with Stiernspetz & Arninge Publishing is done through Basecamp®, and we have produced several books with 670 kilometres between us.
No problems.

I also needed a place where I could show and sell photographs as Fine Art and other stock pictures. The work is an ongoing thing, first to be published are the infrared black & white material, as well as some digitally captured photographs. These days I use any camera to capture pictures, the equipment is not that important. It’s the result that counts.
The Fine Art is made in Sweden on Hanemüle 100% cotton paper series, with archive stable inks by Hahnemüle licensed printers.
Drop by the shop from time to time. It will fill up.