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A small design studio

Since 1984, Johan Stiernspetz Design has created graphic design for printed media.

Mostly it has been creations of graphic profiles for companies and enterprises. Some illustrations. Some of the work as photography for Fine Art.
Since 2008 we are involved with and working for Stiernspetz & Arninge Publishing House which is an imprint of Publicera Publishing Group.
We do their book design.
We are not a fancy multimedia studio. We do graphic design and let others do animation and 3D, as this is disciplines of its own and requires specialised knowledge and software tools.
We concentrate on print.
That we know.
And how to create logotypes with implementations that last for a long time.
That we know.
And create book design. That work results in printed books, but we also convert the books for electronic media as mobiles and tablets.
That we also know.
Since some time PictureBank® is a part of Johan Stiernspetz Design.
We needed a place where we could show and sell photographs as Fine Art and other stock pictures. The work is an ongoing thing, first to be published are the infrared black & white material.
The Fine Art is made on 100% cotton paper, the fantastic Hahnemühle Cotton Rag in formats up to 700 x 1000 mm.
More information can be found on the PictureBank® site.
  • Working with Johan is a delight. He is an aesthetic mastermind who will address your project with professionalism, care and real craftsmanship. His knowledge and visual capabilities are an asset for any organization. Besides being an amazing designer, art director, he excels in taking on new challenges and roles, adding his great great sense of humor, grace and style in any creative team.

    — FLORENCE MONTMARE, Photographer, Artist & Director at Studio of Florence Montmare LLC, New York
  • Johan (Jozzi) is a remarkable human being. Meet him. Work with him. You'll find out. Few are fully present. Few give their totality. Jozzi is 100%, a whole human being, very gifted, and always a good friend.

    — SIMON RANGER, founder of Seagreens, England
  • Johan Stiernspetz is a brilliant graphic designer and a pleasure to work with. He is listening, adopting, open mined and excellent and experienced graphic designer. Working with Johan you will have addend value to your graphic design, branding, or commercial or non-commercial art.

    — RICHARD VON ESSEN, Independent strategic branding advisor & Member of the Board at SoftRobot, Sweden
  • I've known John since the fall of 1982. To be honest: if you want to find a better person than Johan "Jozzi" Stiernspetz, trust me, you will have to dig both wide and deep. His versatility makes him a fantastic Graphic Designer and his skills in Interactive Design are impressive. After almost 30 years in the media industry, business, I still don't know anyone with such impressive skills within the fields of Interactive Design, Graphic Design and Art Direction as Johan. This is also the reason why I personally recruited him to the imprint of Publicera Publishing Group Ltd - Stiernspetz & Arninge Publishing House - , a Swedish book publisher specializing in high end photo books. Johan is today the company's Head of Design and as you probably understand - that is not a coincidence. I recommend Johan from the bottom of my heart.

    — PEPPE ARNINGE, founder, CEO and photojournalist at Stiernspetz & Arninge, Sweden

Producer Johan Stiernspetz

Since 1980 he has worked with graphic design.

Johan Stiernspetz

Graphic designer / producer
As a self-taught illustrator at the age of 21, he came to Stockholm to apply to art schools 1980. The lack of working experience made that hard, and instead, he ended up as an assistant to the graphic designers at Almqvist & Wiksell Publishing House specialised in creating teaching material for the schools. After climbing to a position as a full-fledged paste-up artist doing finished artworks for teaching books, he went on to work at the design studio Johnny Lind Design. There he assisted the designers with making finished artworks, paste-up, presentation materials as well as finished artwork for packaging design and logos and learning the craft of fine-tuning typography in logotypes for different printing techniques as well as matching colours in design implementations on different materials and print.
1982 he applied to RMI Bergh School of Advertising and Illustration again and made it in. After graduating the summer of 1984, Johan went on to work for some advertising agencies as well as working at the in-house studios at the Swedish Farmers Association and the Swedish power producer and distributor Vattenfall. At both in-house studios, he art directed and produced graphic material for print and digital media, as well as the annual environmental reports and the yearly economic reports. Later, Johan has complemented his education with university courses in interaction design as well as CSS coding.
Johan Stiernspetz has a long experience of graphic design and art direction. First working hands-on with a scalpel, metal rulers and Rotring Technical ink pens to modify typography and creating finished artwork on the drawing table, later working in the computer-based world of design from the day the first Macintosh computer landed on his desk. This makes his experience and understanding of details as well as the whole picture profound and deep, and his passion for good design is honest and never-ending.
For details, visit Johans profile on LinkedIn.
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Some of the work that has passed the screen and drawing board through the years.


So, here you can write us a small note, or request, or something else (not order pizza...). Request a portfolio as a PDF-file, and we will send you that promptly.
As a secure office, we use Basecamp® to handle assignments over the internet, because the chance you might come to us in Umeå 500 km south of the Polar Circle probably is quite small...
Our work together with Stiernspetz & Arninge Publishing House 670 km south of us during five years time have proved to us that Basecamp® has worked flawlessly as our virtual office.
From autumn 2018 we are going to implement Workspaces® from BlackBerry®.
That is a strongly protected workspace allowing us to exchange business documents in a military grade cryptate environment, making sure business communication with our clients is not leaked anywhere on the internet.
These days you have to protect all of the information not to be lost to competitors all over the world.
So, welcome with a request, or a small shout.

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