A logo, or a complete design manual for a company is about making the company culture and heading visible. It is the glue holding the ideas of the company or product together, and exposing it to the market in a truly unique way. There is a lot spoken and written about logotypes and trademarks, but our thought about it is this: don't make it trendy, as it will live at least five years from creation date. Don't make it too complicated, it is no quiz we are dealing with here. Get the feelings involved, do not make the approach to the design too academical; if you like it, go for it! We cannot get the whole planet to like it, but if you like it yourself, you can sure stand for it! We do not have a very academical way of working with trademarks. It is a question of good taste, use of colors and typography, and usability.

Michael Beirut, co-owner of the New York based Pentagram, says a designer creates a vessel, a shell to be filled by the client with the values and qualitys of their company.

A new logo doesn't resolve any problems for a company suffering from internal problems and quality failures. That has to be dealt with in other ways. We can not do magic tricks (although many of us designers thought that during the 80s boom of »design management«). But the logo helps reflect the soul of the company, gives it a face to the world as well as getting it remembered by people, and set the company aside their competitors operating in the same segment of business.

The latest logo created for Gunilla Wall growing group of companies - Sockerslottet - or directly translated into english: The Sugar Castle. It is an unused old baptist church in the middle of the Swedish town Kristinehamn. The house is used for workshops in sugar artistery, as well as office, cake and chocolate manufacturing in a tailor-made environment. And in the space being left over, five high class hotel rooms are built, ready for use later 2014. If you by chance are travelling through Kristinehamn in Sweden, check out the possibility to stay some days there, or buy the best handmade chocolate in Sweden..!

Beside here to the right is also the website designed by us, the instep page to all Gunillas enterprises.

This is the new logo for Gunilla Walls handmade high quality chocolate. It is used on the packaging as well as in other communications.

A very swedish logo for a swedish healthcare company, Kausay. Drawing its symbolism from the nature, the strong pine tree were the choise of graphics.


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