In the design business, some say you are as good a designer as your latest assignments. Well, that can hold some true. But having worked with design for more than 20 years, there are some things done a while ago that is really worth looking at. Some banners, some graphics. I could not resist to choose some older designs and sketches and expose them here. Some have been choosen by clients to be done, some not.

The stuff will be added now and then.

National Board of Trade is the state owned authority in Sweden overlooking the Swedish national and international trade laws and politics.

The logo was inspired by a very old sealing-wax stamp probably made in the 1700 century. The boarder of the round stamp was kept as a heritage from the time when the authority was formed, and an original pictogram showing the gods of Truth and Consequence were removed and replaced by a pictogram showing the world, as a symbol of world trade.

The logo was created when I was a designer at Essen International in Stockholm.

Erik Penser is a well known business man in Sweden. He approached us when I worked at Essen International and wanted a very descreet logo to be used at the stock trading pages in the daily morningpapers.

This was one of the first companies in Sweden working with information boots, placed in public places around cities. They were controlled by touching the screen to choose what to be shown, one of the very first touch screen projects at that time.

Created when I worked on Essen International.

Also done at Essen International. This was a TV production company. The logo should appear both animated at TV, as well at the companys stationary.

They asked for a bold, strong and simple design to really come through to the viewers.

The very first web hotel company in Stockholm, when homepages began to appear in their simpliest form at internet.

The underline says "Internet at work". the bird should symbolise the freedom of the net. Made at Essen International.

A friend of mine opened the vegetarian restaurant Frodo in Stockholm... must be 30 years ago now. The gold color was inspired by the ring in Tolkiens book, and the name Frodo also came from there. The leaves was a symbol of the vegetarian... ah, you know! Was it »Talking Design«..?

Spectre was a project by a Swedish guy who wanted to create a Swedish sports car in the upper segment of the industry.

Made at Essen International.

Cover of a doctoral thesis at the Department of Sociology at Umeå University 2000.

It was a work discussing why young people wanted to through beauty surgery to look better.

The photograph was bought from the international stock photo company Imagebank, and this was the most expensive cover of a doctoral thesis at the univerity back then..! But we very much wanted to use the picture which was a perfect illustration for the content of the texts, so...

Created when I worked at the art Department of Umeå University year 2000.

Two banners created for Publicera Publishing, advertising the publishers first book.

Another banner created for Publicera Publishing, advertising the publishers second book.

A banner for a betting company urging people to register as new customers, to be placed at a site for tattooes.


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