I have received comments about linking to other design companies. I think it is fair to link to companies were people work who inspires me. They have me standing on my toes to keep me developing and keep my focus. I can not compete with these design institutions either, being a small freelancer at a huge market, and this is my way of saying »thank you for learning me stuff, and thank you for the day to day inspiration«. All links will open in a new tab or window.

- Branding, design systems and more, my heroes at Pentagram

- ...one more at MetaDesign

- ...and another, Wolff Olins

- My own Fine Art Print site, PictureBank

- A great photograph hosting, Livebooks

- The photojournalist Peppe Arninge

- The publisher Publicera Publishing

- Every issue filld with the best, Communication Arts

- The International Journal of Visual Communication, Graphis

- Articles and in depth interviews, Eye Magazine

- The best photographers at Magnum


I know, I am lazy. I'll fill it a little bit more...


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