One of the ideas with the way of publishing books through distributers like Blurb, is flexibility.

Today print-on-demand (POD) has a very good book shelf quality, and is in small publishing series of books a good way of thinking in environmental terms. Each time a customer clicks the »buy« button, a book is printed and distributed directly.

No big bunch of offset printed books, stored in a warehouse.

No masses of paper used.

But of course there is a breaking point, should the demand of a book ask for big volumes, we will print it in ordinary offset technique.


As the market for digital distributed books is constantly growing rapidly, JSD is also exploring the ways of making good photobooks available in ePub file format, as well as iBooks.

Clouds in my iPhone

Yep, and some landscapes too. Capturing a lot of photographs with my iPhone resulted in this book. Having checked the files at my stationary computer in Photoshop, I discovered amazing quality photographs, captured with the iPhones small 4,5 mm lens! Why not show the world what you can do with the mobile phone, I said to myself. Here the book is! Photographs taken and edited with the phone, layout made in Adobe InDesign and then published at Blurb. Go and see what your phone can do! Find it as a printed book here at BLURB. Now also available on iBooks for iPad, see info.


This book is about the adventure of being a radio amateur and going on an expedition, this time 2007 to St Brandon in the Indian Ocean, setting up a lot of radio equipment at a small island and in 4 weeks setting a world record in the number of contacts made. This photographic book is a unique opportunity to connect a face to the voice from the other side of the frequency. Here it is at Amazon. Now also available on iBooks for iPad, see info.

The Dump

The Dump is a photo book about some of the most silent and abused people in the world. They are the unfortunate, who have been forced to spend their lives on and around the notorious Cambodian garbage dumps. It is a journey along a road of poverty, humiliation and oceans of tears with no end and no apparent hope for the future.

An important documentary you should see, here at Amazon.  Now also available on iBooks for iPad, see info.


Kyrkö bog is situated just outside the small town Ryd in the county of Småland in Sweden. This bog is a graveyard for old cars since 1940. The place contains a large number of vintage cars, now rusty and slowly becoming part of nature, as trees and bushes have reclaimed the site. A unique place, and a fantastic book for car lovers, found at Amazon. It will soon be available on iBooks.


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